Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I can't believe its week 30!  This project has challenged me is so many ways.  Taking the photos, publishing them here each week and watching my technique grow with my daughter this year sends shivers of excitement down my spine.  The process is gratifying.  For that I am thankful.  

Piper has been pretty chatty this week.  She says puppy and makes a farting sound with her mouth when she poops.  Its hilarious.

I could rename the 52 project "Piper:  Occasionally Featuring Dad".  But this week Reece offered to take a few of she and I.  I love how they turned out.  Can't believe how quickly she's stretching up towards the sky.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This week started off with a trip to Mystic Beach.  The name alone kind of sends delightfully spooky shivers down one's spine.  It takes just over one hour (so 4 hours in toddler time) from here to drive there plus 2kms of hiking through the forest to reach the actual beach.  Apparently that was half a km too long for my camera battery  I both loved and hated this hike.

Piper was amazing.  Piper was terrible.  Its the beginning of my personal life story, as told by Charles Dickens.  Piper is adorable, except when she resembles an actual toddler instead of one of those blond, delicate featured cherubs with beautifully curled locks of golden hair.  Her harp playing could use a little work at times.

Here is a shot of Pipes and her father as they stopped for an obligatory photo in the foliage.  May I never leave the house with only one battery again.  Video will do that to you.  Hopefully I'll have a fun film from this trip to show you sometime when I'm not busy editing photos for paying clients.  I'm saying that like it's a pain, but I'm actually giddier than a 5 year old with a brand new polly pocket.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Because Orange really is The New Black.

Do you ever feel like everything is impossible?  Its a constant theme for my adult life (yay for struggles to overcome).  However, I don't think that thought of things that cannot be has ever crossed young Piper's mind.  Everything is possible; therefore it is all my fault that she can not sit on top of the counter running the water, drinking from the chocolate syrup bottle and tossing my glass tumblers over the edge to their smashing demise.  That scenario could happen.  She will always hold out hope for smashing and slurping.

That little face that says:

"Please give me that phone?... you totally want to."

I can't handle it.  She's cute and a little mischievous and I like it.

We're up to like 5 now?
-baba (bottle)
-dada/mama (She still uses dada for the both of us.  Because who has time to use two different words?)
-puppy (I bet only I could recognize her rendition of this word... but hey)


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