Saturday, May 23, 2015

20/52 (more catching up)

I know that portraits go up on Wednesdays, I know I know I know.  I'm late for my own deadline!

This has been a crazy week of growing up and working hard and resting.  My girl is growing up so much.  We went on a little weekend getaway with my parents to a sweet holiday town up island called Nanoose Bay.

The holiday was equal parts bliss and mind-blurring exhaustion.  We BBQ'd steak the first night, sipped drinks and watched the sun slowly slip below the horizon... put the baby to bed.  Enjoyed the company of family and obtained the greatest of expectations for the coming 48 hours.  By 2am, these expectations waned to average.  By 4am, when we were still awake from the 2am scream-fest, our expectations dipped lower than the sun at that hour.  Going from sleeping through the night, to maintaining existence on a mere 2 hours of sleep... that was jarring to say the least.  The world looks different at the brink of unconsciousness.

Piper still played on the beach, we still shared a bottle of Reisling overlooking the bay at dinner the following night, and ate more ice cream than I care to itemize on this blog.  It was a learning experience.  Learning to surrender to the present moment and not completely lose it.  Not be embarrassed that my tired, confused baby can't sleep anywhere but her own bed.  Not properly, anyhow.  

Finally, one week later, I've got steak on the menu tonight for our last supper at home with my parents and I'm so glad for this week.  So glad for my girl who has made a full recovery and even a few strides toward communication.  

She says "Hi." when she picks up the phone, usually also kissing it.
Occasionally she will reply a greeting or question with "Yeah."

I'm trying to 'get in the frame' but I don't have a tripod or a remote flash so this week is a creative interpretation.  I've got one of those two things on its way from the land of Amazon.  Watch this space! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Advice From Non Participants: Part Two (motherhood mondays came late again this week)

If you are a friend of mine on facebook, you may have noticed that I posted a question about the origin story of the Hudson's Bay Blanket.  Specifically, with regards to it being used as a to spread a disease like smallpox or cholera for biological weaponry against the First Nations.  The reason I was so interested in this particular bit of information is unfortunately not my insatiable craving for historical knowledge.  You see, I had an encounter with a stranger that left me perplexed, to say the least. An older woman who stopped me in front of a local grocery store where I was pushing my daughter in her stroller.  The blanket I use to cover her feet and insulate her from the chilly winds that still blow in the spring here in Victoria, is one that my mom spent hours and hours knitting just for her.  I picked out the pattern myself in the Hudson Bay colors.  Because I can't afford the 125$ for a an actual HBC blanket and family made items carry significance and warmth beyond just the fibres that make up the piece, this blanket is dear to me.  
So the woman who looked to be in her 60's driving her electric scooter,


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