Saturday, March 28, 2015


This is the poor post that got left behind.  I was working like mad trying to get the blog renovations underway (motivation issues are a serious thing) and somehow it just slipped through the enormous cracks.  Enormous cracks.  *snicker*

Anyhow, these photos are just so good, I can't not share them.  Excuse the shameless bragging but, hey, I'm learning confidence and they're not even all my pics.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015


You might have noticed, if you've been reading here for awhile (so that basically means my parents and 3 other people - you all know who you are) that the visage is having a bit of a metamorphosis.  Its still getting work done whenever I have a few spare minutes.  The process is a little slower than I would like, in the spirit of being kind to myself, I'm staying positive.  

'MyCharityCase' needed a revamp because it was very 'charity-centric'.  My life has changed so much lately that I wanted the blog to better reflect where I am currently   Its not ALL about me anymore.  A lot of mamas who had their babies around when Piper was born are going back to work now, and I feel like its time to put myself back in some sort of ring.  Maybe I should just buy another ring.  Belated push gift!  (kidding.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

12/52 and brunch

We have a little tradition, us three.  On Sundays, after the morning nap (Piper also, conveniently sleeps at that time), the Millars venture out for a quaint little meal called brunch.

Proud regulars at our local Cecelia Creek Eatery, that's us.  We wake up and play with P, feed her some oatmeal, and put her down at around 9am.  On a regular day never, ever would I look forward to the end of any nap... Just the ethics of the thing.  Oh but Sundays... Sundays I honestly can't wait for her to wake up so we can get giddy and dressed and pretend we have it all together for a few hours.  The staff know us.  We get a specific server even.  Our little ritual is just grand.  Except this particular Sunday obviously we decided that if our sweet little system isn't broke, we should fix it.  Toot sweet. Maybe it is just too white-toast to have brunch at the saaaaaaaame place every. single. Sunday.?  I don't know.  

We had a really rough plan to try this place that I had heard of on Cook St called Bubby Rose's Cafe.  Bubby had neither the adequate space, nor the proper cuisine for brunch; but because we had already parked and messing around with babies in and out of car seats is just too much, we kept walking.  The Great Trek for Another Good Sunday Brunch Place.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Any day now. :: April 8/ 2014 ::

April 8/ 2014

This is the 'three little words' phrase that pregnant girls hear anytime past 37 weeks gestation and I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  It scares the sh*t out of us.  Maybe its just me... I'm a different sort of breed... so perhaps strangers, friends, acquaintances and family members of other knocked up ladies like myself are met with excitement, glowing and sparkles on top of freshly baked cupcakes because they just have 'so much energy'.


Any day now is CRAZY.  Not only because its so soon and HONESTLY the only baby thing that I have which is not taken apart or still being painted is a little rocking moses basket.  So I promise you, hearing those three little words is terrifying and also brings me to the next upsetting, emotionally jarring part of being 'ready to pop'.

People telling me how I am going to feel.

People telling me what I want.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Home Again. :: November 30, 2013 ::

November 30, 2013

After a total of more than 40 hours travelling, I'm finally back where the fresh air bites your nose and driving comfortably is preceded by a decent 5 minutes of intense shivering.

Back where Christmas music is everywhere and you can almost hear the tiny silver bells just driving along; gazing at the tall, green trees.

Warm starbucks and the spicy smell in the air as I take

March 2015:

I always get really poetic and descriptive when I travel back to the West Coast.  The smells and sounds are way different that South Africa.  It never fails to thrill.  Too bad, again, not finished :(

Sunday, March 22, 2015

[Travel Diaries] Bar(th)elona 1/3 :: October 2013 ::

October 2013:

If you haven't watched The Internship, you won't get the title reference.  I started to type it out, then realised its was infinitely more boring in type than the conversation I have with myself in my head.  A lot of things in life are like that; I'm learning to deal.  Step by step.  One day at a time.

So Barcelona.

I broke down the city into three parts.  There is a fourth, but there was a situation with a bicycle and a map that didn't account for elevation.  I'm holding a bit of a grudge, so I'm sticking with the three that I saw most:

Today we shall discuss El Born.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hug-a-phobe :: 2013 ::

Sometime in 2013?

I’m a terrible hugger.  Always have been, always will be; it’s just one of those things.  You see, evangelical church people (with whom I spent so much of my young life) are almost always huggers.  Eye contact with people you know but aren’t actually that close with is just one painfully awkward hug waiting to happen.  

Small admission:  I really don’t like hugging people*.  Someone once tried to cure me of this... and for awhile I became a hugger.  Much like a conservative becomes tolerant of minorities.  With too much purpose and a bit of pretension.  

I’ve always considered myself pretty ok with expressing myself.  My enjoyment in life, or my disgust with it is often accurately conveyed using language.  If not that, my facial expressions usually leave little to the imagination.  I’m a walking, talking emoticon.

So why hug?  I get that some people need hugs. They require, for some reason, to be physically reassured when they’re down or ecstatic about something.  Let me inform the world:  Nobody needs a hug from me unless they have an unquenchable hankering for a clumsy encounter.

Why are my hugs so weird?

Friday, March 20, 2015

[Hitched] Bridget & Matt :: October 2013 ::

October 2013:
-Bridget & Matt
I really adored this wedding.  The ceremony was held at Michaelhouse.  A school that Matt himself once attended.
Both Michael and Bridget's fathers passed away before they met, throughout the day it was emotional, yet joyous as they celebrated their love and remembered those important men. photo 20131005_5005copy_zps84eecddc.jpg  photo 20131005_5017copy_zpsd6b7d1af.jpg  photo 20131005_5121_zps1e3f608f.jpg

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Coffee, Television, and... Musicals? :: April 2013 ::

April 2013:

So today was a coffee shop day.  I love my coffeeshop days because its kind of like having a job.  I walk from home down the street with my cute leather laptop bag, armed with a to do list and a craving for some decent caffeine.  If thats not like work, I don't know what is.

Although unlike other working people, I can stay up till 3am and wake at 11 if I choose.  But lets not delve into the mundane details of 9-5 shackles, or my lack thereof.  I finished a few really satisfying projects this weekend (majority of which were accomplished between the hours of 11pm and 5am for some odd reason) and now I'm feeling like pretty big stuff.  Organizing folders on my laptop and updating my calendars and stuff... this is the life people.

March 2015:  Its like I was writing this to my future self.  And I chose to be a jerk and rub in my face how easy I had it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

untitled post :: December 2012 ::

December 2012:

Greetings Peeps!

If you follow my instagram feed you will know that I am in fact on holiday with the fam in Cape Town!

March 2015:

I remember this trip.  My phone was stolen soon after I started this post.  That insta-vomit of Cape Town pictures was never properly completed. :(


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